Achievements so far include…

2004 March BTRC Created
September Brain tumour tissue bank created
2005 September Imperial College brain tumour registry established
2009 July Launch of John Fulcher lab at Charing Cross Hospital (phase 1)
2012 April Lab expansion (phase 2)
August George Pickard PhD Fellowship created
October Launch of “Magic Wand” appeal
Corrado Grassini PhD Fellowship created
2013 November Lab expansion (phase 3)
2015 September Launch of Imperial College as a brain tumour centre of excellence
2016 December Launch of the “Wall of Hope” at Charing Cross Hospital

Who Benefits



  • Access to state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic facilities
  • Improved quality and quantity of patient survival
  • Better understanding of the impact of the disease


  • Research progress and successful results for research bodies and individuals

Scientists and Clinicians

  • Facilitates collaboration and supports career paths for those who have made it their life’s work to tackle this disease

 What they say…


Patient: Alexandra Dixon

Alexandra Dixon describes her treatment using the SonoWand funded by BTRC through the Magic Wand Appeal:

“After my surgery I was up and about the very next day and experienced no issues with my mental capacity or function. I was extremely lucky to have had access to this fantastic piece of equipment and now residents across West London will have access too. I really don’t know if I would be alive if it wasn’t for the SonoWand”

Patient: Maris Helvin

Marie Helvin (photo: Mike Owen) says:

“The diagnosis of a brain tumour is devastating, as anyone who has been touched by the disease will know. They can affect anyone, at any age, at any time.My mother died from a brain tumour, just three months after being diagnosed so I know how important it is to understand more about them and why research must be better funded so that they are diagnosed quickly and everyone gets the best treatment.  I am delighted to support the efforts of BTRC who are working so hard to find better treatments and hopefully, in the end, a cure for this devastating disease.”

Collaborator: Dr Nelofer Syed

Dr Nelofer Syed (head of the John Fulcher Laboratory) says:

“The best research comes though exchanging ideas and collaborating with other institutions”

Scientists and Clinicians: Dr Julia Langer

Dr Julia Langer, Corrado Grassini PhD Fellow, funded by BTRC:

“This phd research has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I am proud to have worked towards progressing therapies for people living with and affected by glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumours.”


Scientists and Clinicians: Barbar Vasqas

Barbar Vasqas, Geroge Pickard Clinical Research Fellow, funded by BTRC:

“When you first operate on someone who is conscious you are nervous. It personalises it but that is a good thing. The brain makes you who you are. If you are a brain surgeon you are trying to preserve what makes a person who they are, so you do need to know what a person is like.”