Brain tumour research is woefully underfunded. We work to raise awareness of the critical need for increased funding while supporting desperately needed ‘bench-to-bedside’ research projects.

“Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and people under 40. In terms of the numbers of life years lost, it is the most fatal of all cancers. In spite of this, research into brain tumours has been underfunded for decades. As a result, survival rates for brain tumours – unlike those for many other cancers – have improved very little in the last thirty years. Those who do survive can suffer life-altering disabilities.”
House of Commons Petitions Committee Report, Funding for research into brain tumours 14 March 2016, page 3


Brain tumours affect people of all ages. We are focused on producing more effective treatments. To do this we need a better understanding of:

  • What causes tumours?
  • How does the brain react to tumours?
  • How do tumours behave?

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Our vision is to raise public awareness of the need for brain tumour research and the lack of funding that currently exists by fundraising for research and better treatments

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Achievements so far include…

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