Brain Tumour Research

BTRC has joined forces with the umbrella charity Brain Tumour Research –  launched in 2009 specifically to raise substantial funds for brain tumour research and represent a united campaign voice for its member charities.

In the UK more children and people under the age of 40 die of a brain tumour than any other cancer – yet brain tumour research is woefully under-funded!
Brain Tumour Research aims to change that bringing better hope and care to thousands of brain tumour patients and their families through raising at least £7million per year to fund world class brain tumour research programmes and projects at UK universities where brain tumour research is already established. This will accelerate progress significantly, making a clinical difference and improving outcomes.

Originally set up in 2004 as an informal partnership of a number of UK brain tumour charities under the banner of the United Brain Tumour Campaign, member charities committed themselves to working together to raise awareness and achieve a common goal to raise funds for research into the prevention and treatment of brain tumours, as well as ultimately finding a cure. Brain Tumour Research operates as a separate entity to its member charities.

Each of the members has been galvanised into action as a result of personal involvement with brain tumours, having realised that there is relatively little being done to support brain tumour patients or carers, or towards funding research into finding a cure, compared to other more high-profile cancers.

Today Brain Tumour Research continues to be supported across the UK by numerous brain tumour charities that are united under its national Brain Tumour Research banner. Our collective voice carries greater weight in nationwide media coverage and adds weight to political campaigning action.

Brain Tumour Research is striving to fund a network of seven dedicated research centres in the UK whilst challenging the government and larger cancer charities to invest more in brain tumour research. We were immensely proud that the Imperial College research group funded by BTRC was selected, after a rigorous international peer review process, as Brain Tumour Research’s fourth Centre of Excellence. While other centres are led by neuroscientists, the Imperial College centre is the first in Brain Tumour Research’s network to be headed up by a brain surgeon – BTRC’s Chairman, Kevin O’Neill. The launch took place in September 2015 at the Burlington Danes building adjacent to Hammersmith Hospital, with tours of the John Fulcher Laboratory, demonstrations by the research team of equipment funded by BTRC as well as opportunities for funders to place a tile on the “Wall of Hope” in memory of lost loved ones.

Patient Support

The Brain Tumour Research website has a comprehensive support section and a list of UK charities involved in various areas of brain tumour patient support.