Use of Non-invasive Optical Analysis in Neurosurgery – a pilot study

A pilot study into the use of non-invasive optical analysis in neurosurgery is being run at Charing Cross Hospital (Imperial Healthcare).

The study will run from February 2021 to November 2022

Lead clinician: Mr Kevin O’Neill

Brief Summary:

The present study aims to investigate the potential application of multispectral analysis, hyperspectral imaging, and fluorescence during neuro-oncological procedures, specifically during brain tumour debulking / resection. These optics techniques are entirely non-invasive and consist in camera with a filter to be linked to the standard microsurgical and endoscopic instruments used in theatre. The research procedure consists of images acquisition and data processing, with virtually no additional invasive procedures to be performed on patients.

BTRC’s chairman Kevin O’Neill says

“This is an exciting new trial to develop technology that will help us to actually see the nature of living tissue beyond current capability.   In this context it would be to see tumour stand out from normal brain and to visualise actively functioning brain in real time within the surgeon’s field of view. This would be a holy grail for the Neurosurgeon.”

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