George Pickard Neurosurgical Fellowship (funded by the George Pickard Fellowship Fund)

2-year MD fellowship from February 2012-January 2014 (completed)


This post has been extended until September 2016 (to date) and upgraded to a PhD studentship, and it is hoped that it will become a permanent fellowship at Imperial NHS Trust at Charing Cross Hospital (ongoing)

£73,3790 (2014-15) + £72,973.78 (2015-16)

Investigator: Kevin O’Neill, Mo Awad (fellow 2012-13), Babar Vaqas (fellow 2013-current)

Lay summary:  The Fellowship has created a new post at Imperial College (based at Charing Cross Hospital) for a neurosurgical trainee with an interest in neuro-oncological research, leading to a higher degree (MD).  The fellow will provide a crucial link between the clinical service at Charing Cross – which has a rapidly expanding neuro-oncology centre of excellence, handling over 250 brain tumour cases each year – and the John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-oncology Laboratory, where the research team (funded by the Brain Tumour Research Campaign) has developed several new lines of research.  It is hoped that some immediate and tangible results will ensue from this appointment, leading to clinical trials which would provide much-needed new treatment options for brain tumour patients and give them hope for better outcomes from the disease.