Creation of Imperial College Brain Tumour Registry

2-year funding for research nurse September 2005-2007


Investigators: Federico Roncaroli, Kevin O’Neill, Sally Davidson (nurse)

Lay summary: creation of a brain tumour registry at the Charing Cross Hospital. The registry will collect essential data of all patients operated for a primary or metastatic brain tumour since 1995 and will establish an important link with the databases already existent within the Hammersmith Hospitals Trust, particularly with the Brain Tumour Tissue Collection, which has also received support from BTRC. After three months of activity, more than 700 gliomas have already been entered.

Creation of a registry is an important step forward to promote clinical and lab-based research projects in neuro-oncology because data generated on the incidence of different tumour types, and on the differences in outcome and response to treatment, will be translated into experimental projects and the results of these studies can then be validated on clinical grounds.

This BTRC funded registry is the first brain tumour registry in the United Kingdom and represents a model that, we hope, will soon be extended on a national level.