Corrado Grassini Fellowship: Metabolomics in brain tumours (published paper)

Corrado Grassini Fellowship: Metabolic differences in certain types of brain tumour, using metabolomics as a translational research tool, linking laboratory and clinic (funded by donations in memory of Corrado Grassini)

3-year PhD fellowship from October 2012-October 2015 (completed)


Investigators: Nel Syed, Kevin O’Neill, Julia Langer (PhD student)

Lay Summary: Despite advances in brain tumour treatment, prognosis for most patients remains poor, and no curative therapy exists. One of the major challenges in treating brain tumours is the lack of drugs that can cross the blood-brain-barrier and reach the tumour.

Research from our laboratory identified a metabolic mechanism by which certain brain tumour cells can be starved and killed. My work focuses on further investigating this metabolic mechanism and developing personalised therapy. This involves profiling tumour cells by identifying which genes are ‘switched-off’, as well as which metabolites are altered. Understanding different tumour profiles will help us develop novel strategies to treat brain tumour patients more effectively.

A paper on the results of this research project were published in 2018 – click here to read the paper.