Nicola's Ride London appeal raises over £5,600

Nicola Whittock entered Ride London to raise funds for BTRC in memory of her husband Simon, who died from a brain tumour last year and who was himself a keen cyclist.  She completed the 100 mile London – Surrey cycle race on 30th July 2017 but, according to Nicola, the day did not go smoothly!

“My cab was 40 minutes late so all my contingency time was gone and I felt stressed before I even started. Then just after starting to cycle to the Olympic Park from the drop off point I got a puncture. It left a large cut in my tyre which I was worried about. I just made my start wave. At the first main hub 26 miles in, I bought a new tyre. It wasn’t the same size but it was the best they had. All was going well until about 70 miles in when a man wobbling up a hill crashed into me and sent me flying into a hedge. I have loads of cuts on my right arm and leg but am ok. I had to walk a bit until it was safe to set off again but finished strongly. Given the long stop to sort my bike out and the crash, I am very happy with my time of 6:28:42 !”

Nicola, who set herself a fundraising target of £2,000 for this event,  has raised over £5,600!

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