BTRC lab team strong showing at BNOS

BTRC’s Chairman Kevin O’Neill and the team from the John Fulcher Neuro-Oncology Lab, led by Dr Nelofer Syed, were out in force at BNOS 2019, presenting posters and talks on their work in the laboratory at Imperial College.  BTRC Trustee Dr Matthew Williams and his clinical team also had a strong presence.

In total the Imperial College team had  an impressive 15 posters on display, including from lab team Aithne Atkinson, Richard Perryman, Ella (Qingyu) Zeng, Adrian Benito, Liisi Laaniste and Lillie Shahabi.  In addition, there were well-attended presentations from Liisi  (on her computational project), Adrian and Ella  (on their ketogenic diet project) and Lillie presented her outreach project at a local school with the assistance of 3 of her GCSE students.

The charity’s founder Wendy Fulcher, who also attended the 3 day conference in London, said

” It is rewarding to see the work that we have  funded being recognised on the national platform as quality research, and to witness the passion that our researchers have for their work – I was very proud of them all!

This year’s BNOS, the annual conference of the British Neuro-Oncology Society was  the biggest in the society’s history with 350 attendees. Its aim is to bring together the entire  British neuro-oncology community and bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.