March 1st marks the start of the 16th Annual Brain Tumour Awareness Month!

When Brain Tumour Awareness Month was founded in 2004, just £1.2 million was being invested nationally into research for brain tumours, there was no organised political campaigning for brain tumours, and patients didn’t know where to go for information and support.

Now, as we enter Brain Tumour Awareness Month’s 16th year, we want to thank everyone for all you’ve done to help us get where we are today.

Together we’ve made very significant strides forwards in terms of raising awareness, but despite this, still only 8% of people know that brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer (according to the Brain Tumour Research 2018 Populus survey).

Please help us to double this national awareness percentage (at least!) and at the same time, increase fundraising for our cause.

  1. Make a donation or a regular gift and ask 10 others to do the same – it’s easy via our website:
  2. Get your organisation, family, friends, clubs etc to spread the word or organise a fundraising event – and why not take part in Wear A Hat Day on 29th March? You can register through our sister charity Brain Tumour Research on
  3. Volunteer for us – Contact us for more information.

Let’s make this awareness month the one to smash all records.