Our Board of Trustees is made up of expert clinicians and scientists together with lay trustees representing patients and their families and friends.

This balance ensures the charity always places the needs of patients at the forefront of its activities.

Mr Kevin O’Neill

Chairman – Founder, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Head of Neurosurgery, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Mrs Wendy Fulcher

Founder, lay trustee and fundraiser

Mrs Alexandra Heaton

Lay trustee and fundraiser

Professor Mark Glaser

Professor of Physics at Imperial College

Mrs Annabelle Grassini

Lay trustee and fundraiser

Professor Michael Johnson

Consultant Neurologist and Deputy Head, Centre for Clinical Translation Division of Brain Sciences at Imperial College Faculty of Medicine

Ms Helen Mellor

Lay trustee and fundraiser

Dr Matthew Williams

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Honorary Clinical senior Lecturer at Imperial College

Mr Paul Miller

Honorary Treasurer