Scientific Team

Our Scientific Team is a unique mix of clinicians and scientists who are working together on a combined strategy to find better patient treatments and better outcomes for our brain tumour patients.

Mr Kevin O’Neill

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Head of Neurosurgery, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

Dr Nelofer Syed

Research Lecturer at Imperial College London (Brain Sciences Division)

Dr Amin Hajitou

Lecturer in Cancer Gene Therapy
Department of Medicine, Imperial College London

Professor Michael Johnson

Deputy Head, Centre for Clinical Translation, Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine

Dr Kambiz Alavian

Non-Clinical Lecturer, Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine

Mr Babar Vaqas

George Pickard Clinical Research Fellow in Neurosurgery, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Research team past & present: John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-oncology Laboratory

John DeFelice (lab manager), Dr Julianna Stylianou (post-doctoral scientist), Dr Nabil Haji (senior research associate)

Dr Combiz Khozoie –Senior  post-doctoral fellow (Barrow Foundation Feb 2014- Jan 2017), Tsz Chau (Wing)  – reseach assistant

Dr Ming Sun and Heidi Gibbons: technical staff for Phase I set-up

Dr Fernando Abaitua and Dr Boling Qiao: Post-doctoral fellows for Phase II development

PhD students & their projects

Julia Langer  – Corrado Grassini PhD (April 2012-Aug 2016).  Metabolic profiling of ASS-ve and ASS+ve GBM

Alexander Renziehousen  – Barrow Foundation (Feb 2014-June 2017). Angiotensin signalling in GBM : a novel therapeutic target

Richard Perryman –  MRC (October 2014-Dec 2017). The role of Nicotamide metabolism in the chemosensitivity of GBM


MSc project students

Alexander Renziehausen – 2013

Kevin Lee – 2013

Zeng Qingu – 2016

Jessica Preston – 2016

Aithne Atkinbson  – 2017

BSc project students

Jessica Santivanez – 2012

Charlotte Lees – 2012

Adrianna Karras – 2013

Huma Khaliq – 2013

Sophie Glover – 2016*

*Sophie obtained the highest mark for her Neuroscience BSc project undertaken in our lab and has been Nominated for the Evelyn de Rothschild Project Prize 2016. Only 3 nominations get put forward from the Dept of Medicine.