Here you can read about some people whose lives have been touched by brain tumours – we hope you feel as inspired by them as we do!

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Alexandra Dixon

Alexandra Dixon was diagnosed with a low-grade oligodendroglioma brain tumour after suffering a series of severe epileptic seizures while on holiday in the south of France. Back in the UK, she underwent surgery in June 2007. An MRI scan in 2012 revealed the tumour had returned. She had surgery again followed by radio and chemotherapy.

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Anna Louise Swabey

Diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 23, Anna Swabey was initially given just months to live, but under the care of consultant neurosurgeon Kevin O’Neill, at Imperial College, London, Anna had surgery and went on to have a year’s chemotherapy and radiotherapy under oncologist Matt Williams. She shared her experiences from the time of her diagnosis almost up to her death through her blog “Inside My Head”.

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Dan Wiggins

Dan was first diagnosed with a grade 2 brain tumour after a grand mal seizure in April 2006 when he was 30. He received a variety of treatments including a craniotomy in 2009 to de-bulk the tumour. At that time he found out that the tumour had been re-classified as a grade 3 or 4 and his doctors recommended he should start to receive regular chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Charing Cross Hospital. Dan was married to Lucy and was a fundraiser for and a trustee of BTRC.

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Georgie Beadman

Georgie Beadman wife, mother, daughter, and sister, died seven years after being diagnosed with a low grade glioma. She was a talented potter who loved music and the arts. In February 2015, Georgie died at the age of 41 leaving a husband and two small children.

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John Fulcher

John Fulcher was taken ill on a business trip to Canada. He was diagnosed with an inoperable glioblastoma brain tumour and, together with his wife and accompanied by a nurse, was flown home to the UK. Under the care of Kevin O’Neill, consultant neurosurgeon at Charing Cross, John underwent several surgeries but died ten months later.

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Karolina Janczar

Karolina joined the BTRC research team in January 2007 as a PhD student, following her pre-registration medical training in Poland where she originally graduated in 2005.

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Kevin O’Neill

Kevin O’Neill is Consultant Neuro-surgeon at Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College, London and Chairman of BTRC.

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Melissa Huggins

Melissa Huggins is an attractive twenty-eight year old primary school teacher with a Grade lll Anaplastic Ependymoma brain tumour and further tumours in her spine. She was diagnosed in 2005 after many years of not knowing what was wrong. In 2009 with the help of her sister, fiancé and friends she raised £250,000 to send her to Boston, US for proton therapy to shrink the tumour. She has since had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and is back teaching at school three days a week.

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Sunita Nathwani

Mum-of-three Sunita was diagnosed with a type 2 meningioma brain tumour after an eye test at Specsavers. She underwent surgery and treatment but lost her battle less than two years later. Her husband Upin has been left with a void in his life and is comforted by the pride he feels in their talented and beautiful children.

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Yashpal Gill

Yashpal Gill died of a brain tumour in 2002 after a very short illness – he was just 50. He was a self employed accountant and a very active man. His death left his wife, Bali, and two sons devastated.

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