Research funded by BTRC has produced numerous publications and presentations: here is a list of the published abstracts that our grants have facilitated.


Angiotensin signalling in GBM: AT2R as a novel therapeutic target

Authors: Mr. Alexander Renziehausen (Imperial College London), Dr. Jennifer Eschbacher (Barrow Neurological Institute), Dr. Andreas Tzakos (University of Ioannina), Dr. Kevin O’Neill (Imperial College London), Dr. Tim Crook (Southend University Hospital), Dr. Nelofer Syed (Imperial College London)

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The ketogenic diet induces epigenetic changes that impact on the expression of microRNAs and chromatin modifying enzymes that play key roles in tumour development

Presented at BNOS June 2016

Jessica Preston 1; Julianna Stylianou 1, Quingyu Zeng 1, Sophie Glover 1, Kevin O’Neill 1; Adrienne C. Scheck 2; Eric C. Woolf 2, Nelofer Syed 1;

1: John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory, BTRC, Imperial College, London, UK,
2: Neuro-Oncology Research, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona

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The role of nicotinamide metabolism in chemosensitivity in glioblastoma multiforme

Presented at BNOS June 2016

Authors: Mr Richard Perryman, Mr Kevin O’Neil, Dr Hector Keun, Dr Nelofer Syed

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Molecular profiling of Primary and Recurrent GBM reveal novel therapeutic opportunities

Presented at BNOS June 2016

Combiz Khozoie, Richard Perryman, Fernando Abaitua, Babar Vaqas, Kevin O’Neill, Nelofer Syed

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Dual systemic tumour targeting with ligand-directed phage and Grp78 promoter induces regression of glioblastoma

Dr. Amin Hajitou.  

NB: This abstract won the “Best Scientific Abstract award at the 2012 British Neuro-oncology Society’s 2012 Annual Conference

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Transcriptional silencing disrupts two levels of arginine biosynthesis in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM): a novel, targeted therapeutic strategy for GBM

Presented at BNOS June 2012

N Syed, F Roncaroli, K Janczar, P Singh, K O’Neil, C Lo Nigro, L Lattanzio, HM Coley, E Hatzimichael, J Bomalaski, P Szlosarek, T Crook. 

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TSPO expression in human gliomas

Expression of the mitochondrial 18 kda translocator protein in Human astrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas and its association With endogenous cortisol synthesis

Karolina Janczar 1, Jonathan E Bowen 2, Nelofer Syed 1, Manuel Deprez 3, Emilie Croisier 1, Sally Davidson-Von Holt 4, Amanda Forsyth 5, Kevin O’Neill 1, James Van Dellen 1, Atsushi Sasaki 6, Federico E Turkheimer 1, Federico Roncaroli 1

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