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John Fulcher lab team publishes 10 research papers over 12 months

Since we started the John Fulcher Neuro-oncology Laboratory in 2009, our goal has always been to produce sustainable, translational research, identifying how metabolic manipulation might better treat tumours, and genetically, what drives tumours to become more aggressive, looking for drugs that might prevent these changes. They have taken a step-by-step approach which has taken several years.

In the academic and scientific world, researchers are judged by the publications they produce to validate their work – there is a common saying in their world: “Publish or Perish” – and we are delighted to report that the fruits of their labours over recent years are finally being shown in a series of 10 publications in scientific journals in the past 12 months.  Now part of the Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, their work goes from strength to strength, so we are confident there will be even more to come over the next few months!  Find out more here