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BBC Two 's Hospital features BTRC chairman Kevin O'Neill

BBC Two reveals the tough decisions being made by the NHS this winter in the series Hospital.

After collapsing at work, 48-year-old crane driver Phil is becoming increasingly paralysed with each passing day. Kevin O’Neill, one of the country’s leading brain surgeons, diagnoses him with a fast-growing brain tumour and decides to perform a potentially life-threatening operation to remove it. But as the clock ticks, securing theatre time for Phil is not straightforward in a hospital approaching full capacity.

O’Neill and his colleagues deal with some of the country’s most complex and challenging neurological cases. Their work is so in demand, the department has one of the longest waiting lists in the country. But the hospital is determined to clear the backlog of patients – some have been waiting for their operations for over a year. The pressure is on for O’Neill and his team to get through a packed list.

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